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While most of the people prefer food photography toronto to get their incredible project done. As a children photographer it’s one of my favorite part of job to shop for new items for my clients! Our exclusive, curated client wardrobe is one of the biggest draws when parents book with us; they love that they […]

Baby Plan, Little sitters

August 13, 2019

Emmitt | 6 months | Beaumont Children Photographer

I may be over-sharing this little man’s session, but I just can’t help it! I loved seeing his personality shine through, and this age is filled with exploring, learning, and coming into their own spunk and sweetness. When I do sessions with six to seven month olds, I focus on having fun, and focusing on […]

Children, Little sitters, Studio

August 12, 2019

Liam | 7 months old | Southeast Texas Children Photographer

One year! The special milestone of a first birthday is something the whole family celebrates, because they are all part of the journey! I have known this family for quite some time, and have worked with big sister and now, little sister! They are very close knit and lovely, and I have loved it every […]

Baby Plan, Birthday, Children, Little sitters, Studio

July 22, 2019

Millee | One Year Old | Southeast Texas Children Photographer

I enjoy keeping some sessions very simple. The reasoning for this, is that it focuses on the child and their big personality! We do incorporate some props and wooden toys, which adds to the playfulness, and allows their smile and laugh to come through in the images! This little guy had plenty of spunk, and […]

Children, Little sitters

July 16, 2019

Harrison | 9 months old | Beaumont Children Photographer

This was a darling shoot, and it combined two of my favorite things: a clean, white setup, and an adorable watermelon themed setup. The simple white setup put all the attention on the facial features and growth of this little lady, and then the watermelons brought out all the personality she has! And, what says […]

Baby Plan, Birthday, Children, Little sitters, Studio

June 17, 2019

Emma | One Year Old | Beaumont Children Photorgrapher