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May 29, June 7th, June 8th

Come have FUN down by the creek! Kids love to play and explore! What perfect session for the family to have some family fun together! No pressure of having to stand and look at the camera. This is a time to interact with each other! Perfect for kids only, family OR even kids with Dad!

Down By The Lake

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Multiple Dates 
What to grab some SUMMER fun with your family?! This would be a great time to get that session in! I know it will be "hot" but we can beat the heat with a late evening session right before sunset...which is the PERFECT time to do a session!

Styled Summer Sessions

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June 4th
Hey Dad (well, probably hey Moms!!!)...grab your kids and let's go run and play! This is just for Dads and kids! I know...I know...Dads usually don't like being in front of the camera without Moms...but let's do this! Make is a special day just you and your kiddos! It will be a fun time running, playing and laughing. I promise the sessions will NOT be long, but totally worth it because you are making memories with your kids!

Daddy & Me

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June 24th

A summer favorite for all the kids...

Come cool off in the studio and grab a slice of watermelon! Dress your kids in some cute overalls and let's have some FUN!

Watermelon Minis

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June 25th


Let's celebrate SUMMER with some Red, White, Blue!

Family Minis

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August 5th - Studio Session

Summer is over and kids are getting back to a routineā€¦Let's celebrate another year by documenting the milestone of them entering a NEW school year!

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