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So, you’re a new mom! If you’ve chosen to breastfeed for any length of time, you know that your nutritional needs are important but you may not know what or how you need to be eating. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of healthy eating for breastfeeding moms, provide practical tips for incorporating nutritious […]

Ask Paula, Baby Plan

January 29, 2024

Healthy Food Ideas for Breastfeeding Moms

The Delgado family is beaming with joy as they welcome the newest member of their clan, the adorable Sienna! Brand new to the world, this tiny bundle already brought so much joy to their family. In fact, she is extra-special because she is a rainbow baby who has followed sorrowful losses for her parents. They […]


December 21, 2023

Baby Sienna

Step into the heartwarming world of the Delgado family as we share the story of their newest addition, Elyanah. Named after the profound meaning of “God’s promise,” Elyanah has brought an abundance of joy and love to her parents’ lives. Elyanah, the embodiment of sweetness and innocence, captures hearts with her radiant smile and love […]

Baby Plan, Newborn

December 4, 2023

Delgado Lifestyle Newborn Family session

The much-anticipated moment has finally arrived! In March, the Lundgren family welcomed their newest member with open arms and hearts full of joy. Katie, now a proud mother once again, is thrilled to introduce their bundle of joy to the world. As the family revels in the miracle of new life, let’s take a glimpse […]


August 26, 2023

Lundgren Family Newborn Session: It’s a Boy!

Texas is such an amazing place to live, and we absolutely love it here! It is a place that is rich with culture, experiences, and art. We have recently decided to make the move to Fort Worth, where we are discovering all the new things we can enjoy as a family. Although I am now […]


March 26, 2020

Things to Do for Families in Fort Worth, Texas