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No matter what the setup or location, there is one thing that you cannot “create”…and that is joy! The happiness of a baby is something organic that you just can’t replicate or create, they just come about it naturally, and it’s my job to make an environment where babies feel safe and loved! That brings […]

Birthday, Cake Smash Session

May 10, 2021

Danielle | One Year Old

The weather may be getting ready to turn to crisp, Autumnal temperatures, but sweet Berkley brought a taste of the tropics and a ray of sunshine to her session. I loved every bit of this cheery session! I’ve gotten to know this sweetie through my baby plan sessions (you can find her newborn session here), […]

Baby Plan, Birthday, Children

October 7, 2016

Berkley | One Year Old | Southeast Texas Children Photographer

I wanted to talk a little bit today about the different ages and shoots that happen in the first year. Sometimes, parents only schedule newborn photos, then let the rest of the first year go undocumented. Sure, we all have smartphones and maybe even a nice digital camera, but you’ll never get that year back. […]

Baby Plan

September 27, 2016

The Shoots You Won’t Want to Miss | Texas Newborn and Children’s Photographer

I absolutely love two year olds! I know that age seems to be synonymous with the “terrible twos”, but for me, it’s magical! Two year olds are full of endless energy, wonder, and excitement about life. Connor is one of my little clients who just celebrated his second birthday, and he is ALL boy! We […]

Birthday, Children

September 12, 2016

Connor | Two Years Old | Southeast Texas Children Photographer

As a photographer, I love bringing dreams to life, and watching new milestones in the lives of families and couples. This year, I am bringing some of my own dreams to life with a studio of my very own (find more about that here). This means we are flinging open the door to new possibilities […]


January 2, 2016

What Are You Dreaming of for 2016?