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The arrival of a newborn brings immeasurable joy into the lives of parents. It’s a time of firsts, new beginnings, and well, a whirlwind of emotions. To capture these precious moments, parents are often faced with a crucial decision: finding the best newborn photographer. In some cases, this quest leads them to travel significant distances, […]

Ask Paula, Baby Plan

October 23, 2023

Going the Distance for Newborn Photos?

Parenthood is a transformative journey, filled with joys, challenges, and unconditional love. For mom and dad (Hannah and Keegan), their lives were forever changed with the arrival of their two adorable children, Marshall and Margaret. Precious moments and experiences have defined their early days as a family of four. Marshall, the eldest of the siblings, […]


June 3, 2023

Margaret | Newborn Session Dallas Fort Worth Texas

The love of big brothers for a sister is something special…they somehow know it’s their new job to protect and love this new tiny person, and it gets me in the feels every time! This darling little girl will always have her two big brothers to have her back, and I know their parents will […]

Family, Newborn

January 8, 2023

Houx Newborn Session

What an honor to share that my photography journey has been featured on Shoutout DFW, a platform that shines a spotlight on local talents and entrepreneurs. As I reflect on the path that led me here, I’m reminded of the privilege of connection that photography has given me, to both clients and my own creative […]


December 7, 2023

Featured on Shoutout DFW

Step into the heartwarming world of the Delgado family as we share the story of their newest addition, Elyanah. Named after the profound meaning of “God’s promise,” Elyanah has brought an abundance of joy and love to her parents’ lives. Elyanah, the embodiment of sweetness and innocence, captures hearts with her radiant smile and love […]

Baby Plan, Newborn

December 4, 2023

Delgado Lifestyle Newborn Family session

The holiday seasons are full of traditions. Whether old or new, traditions shape our families, and become things we pass down from generation to generation! For some of us, it’s Christmas cookies (with Grandma’s favorite recipe, of course!), or driving around and seeing lights. Some of my clients have turned family photos or mini sessions […]

Family, Mini Sessions

November 27, 2023

Making Photos Part of Your Family Traditions

Are you an expectant mom this winter? If you’re preparing to welcome a baby in the late winter and early spring, you may be wondering whether an in-studio maternity session is right for you. Here in Texas, outdoor sessions are lovely for much of the year, but the winter weather can pose challenges for moms-to-be. […]

Maternity, Studio

November 22, 2023

Why to do an Indoor Winter Maternity Session

Family is like a tapestry, intricately woven with threads of individual personalities, shared experiences, and unique interests. That’s just one of the reasons why I love my job; meeting every family brings a new experience and I never get bored! The Spruill family, calling the vibrant Dallas-Fort Worth area home, serves as a delightful example […]

Children, Family

November 20, 2023

Spruiell Family Session | Dallas and Fort Worth Photographer