Families come in all shapes and sizes, but what makes them unique is the love and bond they share. The Cockrum family is one such family that loves spending time together and creating memories. Comprising of Ciara, her husband, and two young boys, Cason and Tripp, the Cockrum family is always on the go. Whether […]


March 22, 2023

Cockrum Family Session | Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

Why do so many families put off having photos done? As someone who has worked extensively with families of all stages of life, I know that photos can seem so overwhelming. Whether it’s the outfits, the timing of the naps and meals beforehand, or simply arranging everyone’s busy schedules, it can seem like a task […]

Ask Paula, Family

March 9, 2023

Tips for Easier Family Photos

The love of big brothers for a sister is something special…they somehow know it’s their new job to protect and love this new tiny person, and it gets me in the feels every time! This darling little girl will always have her two big brothers to have her back, and I know their parents will […]

Family, Newborn

January 8, 2023

Houx Newborn Session

Sadie instantly brought a smile to my face, and that smile didn’t leave for the whole session (and even while I was editing these images!)…she is so energetic and adorable. Her mom describes her as “active, happy, and energetic”, and I agree. She loves to play outside and climb/run, so this outdoor session was perfect […]


January 3, 2023

Sadie and Family | Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

It’s the time of year when I am editing dozens of sessions each week, and I still never get tired of seeing all the beautiful family images. It makes me so happy when the families who I photograph close to the holidays use their photos for that fun Christmas or holiday card or post. I […]


December 9, 2022

Acuna Family Session in Fort Worth Texas