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I enjoy keeping some sessions very simple. The reasoning for this, is that it focuses on the child and their big personality! We do incorporate some props and wooden toys, which adds to the playfulness, and allows their smile and laugh to come through in the images! This little guy had plenty of spunk, and […]

Children, Little sitters

July 16, 2019

Harrison | 9 months old | Beaumont Children Photographer

When I look at these, I can only think, “What a blessed mama!” Two gorgeous little boys, who are precious, energetic, and handsome. Kamden is nine months old, and this session was to mark that super amazing milestone. We met up outside for this little shoot, and mom dressed her boys in the most dapper […]

Baby Plan, Children, Family, Little sitters

January 17, 2019

Kamden | 9 month session | Beaumont Children Photographer

I have mentioned before here on the blog, that I love the nine month milestone! It’s a delightful age when little ones can interact, giggle, babble, and do things like clap or stand up with assistance. This makes it the perfect time to incorporate the whole family into a nine month milestone session, because every […]

Baby Plan, Children, Family, Little sitters

April 20, 2018

Cayleigh | 9 months old | Southeast Texas Family Photographer