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Choosing your photographer is such an important decision, but it’s even more crucial when you’re choosing a photographer for your family. With children and other loved ones to consider, there are many factors that influence who you may want to document all of your memories. You want to feel safe, cared for, that your choices […]

Ask Paula, Baby Plan

October 24, 2020

Why Choose Me as Your Fort Worth, Texas Photographer?

I was blown away by this adorable little boy! He is so bright, fun, and sweet. His parents are doing an amazing job raising him up, and helping him explore his interests. They are going to become a family of FOUR soon, on Christmas Day! Although they hail from Seattle, I was thrilled they worked […]

Children, Family

October 22, 2020

Louis and Family | Fort Worth Children’s Photographer

I don’t think I could pick a favorite age or milestone (let’s face it; they are all so darn cute!), but the six month session is always such a fun time. The babies are more engaged, playful, and smiley, and they are learning to sit up and interact. They are really interested in my camera, […]

Baby Plan, Children

January 15, 2016

Cooper | Six Months Old | Southeast Texas Children Photographer

What a sweet, sweet family this one is. They have a contagious love for one another that is both beautiful and filled with joy. I was so happy to spend the day with them at a local park, where their little ones were free to run and play. Family sessions always allow me a little […]


December 3, 2015

The Mill’s Family | Southeast Texas Family Lifestyle Photographer